Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Almost 2 years and 8 months ago we made an offer to purchase our existing home and put our previous home up for sale. Never in our wildest imagination did we anticipate the sudden decline in the housing market nor did we believe our beautiful home of 8 years would prove such a challenge to sell. The housing market, particularly in Georgia, came to a screeching halt. Foreclosures escalated with each passing month and the market became saturated with existing home sales. Sadly, our new community felt the pinch and new homes, selling previously in the high $900's, began selling for less than half their original list price.

Our lovely home was shown to prospective buyers sporadically during the first year on the market. We received one low-ball offer in early fall 2009, then prospects dried up altogether afterward. Just when we had almost given up, an offer came through - a serious offer. But there was one snag after another, 8 contract extensions in all, before the closing occurred.

Doughboy was hoping for a closing in time for his birthday. However, his birthday came and went without a closing date. Two weeks ago the long journey of carrying double mortgages, double utilities, and double maintenance came to an end. At long last! Hooray!

With a nice check in the bank we may now proceed with plans to finish the terrace level. There are plans to build a pub and wall unit that will showcase Doughboy's magnificent antique slot machine collection. We've already contracted with Classic Bars of Atlanta. Click on the link here to see a photo of how our pub will look; it is the bar and details you see on their home page.

Other plans include removing our existing deck (poorly constructed and a safety hazard) and replacing it with a multi-level, low-maintenance composite deck. A lower deck level will house a salt system Hot Springs spa that was purchased two weeks ago. All I can say is I hope our children aren't counting on an inheritance after our demise. We intend to have fun while we're still able to enjoy life.

Mean while, decorating the boys' bedroom (started over a year ago) and Ava's bedroom (started last August) is nearing an end. The boys' room is a western theme complete with faux cowhide bean bag chairs, 60" flat screen TV, and rustic bunk beds. Ava's room is an explosion of pink and lime green; a canopy hangs above a king-sized bed, a Pottery Barn vanity sits in one corner, and a large over-stuffed chair rounds out the opposite corner. Yes, our grandchildren are quite spoiled and we love their weekend sleepovers.

Join us on our decorating journey and stay tuned for photos as our plans unfold.


Jamie Payne said...

Ava's room was definitely designed for the princess that she is. You and Bumpa always go above and beyond for your grandchilden and they love you so very much. Congrats on finally selling the old house and we look forward to seeing the remodeled lower level!