Saturday, February 13, 2010

By Dawn's Early Light

Doughboy's flight arrived late into Atlanta due to our weather, but all that mattered is he was home safe and sound. As typical on Friday evenings, we like to dine at one of our favorite local restaurants (usually The Downtown Grille) but every one had closed early. We eventually found an open restaurant that had only 4 tables full; very untypical for Outback which has lines of waiting people out the door on any given evening. The food was great and the service even better.

I was anxious to wake this morning and see the snow. The pups woke me for the second time around 6:15am. With camera in hand, I waited until the first signs of dawn. What I saw was spectacular beauty all around. There is nothing like fresh fallen snow to make the world around you look clean and bright.

The photo below is of our back yard, looking at the pool and pool house from our deck. It was so strangely quiet. As much as I long for hot summer days and the sound of our grandchildren playing in the pool, the wintry quiet is peaceful.


Jamie Payne said...

How pretty! The view outside of Ava's bedroom window was breathtaking this morning but I wasn't brave enough to go out in the chilly cold with my camera.

Deb said...

Glad you are blogging again. I love your photos.