Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Where has the summer gone? My last blog post was June. That was ages ago and I didn't expect to go this long without blogging.

Doughboy and I just returned from a week-long cruise to Alaska's inside passage - Juneau, Skagway, Tracey Ar, Fjord, and Victoria BC. We spent my birthday weekend in Seattle. More on this in another blog post.

For now, I want to report that our remodel project - inside and out - is completed. We are very pleased with the result and look forward to years of enjoyment. Photos below are of the finished deck and back yard.

View of the pool, pool house, and pergola

View of gazebo/salt water spa

Hmmmm...the deck is a little bare and in need of furniture. Don't you agree?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pete's Dog House

As the remodel project progressed Pete and I were tasked with creating a name for his pub. Focus of the pub name was centered around dogs or wolves. Several names were tossed around -- some clever, others funny, and a few were hilarious but far from G-rated. Our friend and decorator, Denise, came up with Pete's Doghouse. Of all the contenders, it fit the best.

Thanks much to the wonderfully talented Mike Shepard for an original piece of art that will grace our wall for years to come. He captured the sweet face of our Westie, Kadybug perfectly!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Doughboy's pub was scheduled for installation tomorrow. I called Classic Bars early this morning to confirm the appointment and was informed that installation was actually occurring today; not tomorrow. Yikes! I quickly planned a half vacation day and raced home. Bob and his crew arrived shortly after 12 noon and the pub was carefully rolled down the hill from the driveway to terrace level piece by piece. The once empty corner had begun to take on new life.

After the base unit was put in place, the side pieces began to take shape.

Time flew quickly with only part of the installation complete. Bob and his crew will return tomorrow to finish the pub ceiling; just in time for Doughboy to return home for the weekend. Surprise!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After The Rain

Day 1 of the deck remodeling project was complete removal of the old wooden deck. Day 2 was a day of rain, which our parched lawn desperately needed; crews were absent and progress was stalled until fair weather returned. Day 3 was sunny and beautiful with progress on the main structure. The floor structure was started and white posts have been positioned in place.

It's fun to watch the progress although we're only three days into the project. The project has an estimated mid-June targeted completion date. The entire deck will be maintenance free, comprised primarily of Azek - a vinyl product that resists moisture, mildew, fading, and scratches. Better yet, it requires NO maintenance. Woo hoo!

When it's finished the deck will span the entire length of the house. The main deck will tie into the screen porch, a gazebo will house the Hot Springs salt-water spa, and the under-deck will be water-tight and ready for enclosing at a much later date. It makes sense that we empty-nesters need more living space, right? Yes, it's a bit excessive but our expanding numbers of grandchildren require more room to play :) And you know it's all about the granchildren.

The view above is from the keeping room off the kitchen. The doors are kept bolted to ensure safety for the pups. Check back often to watch the progress!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Watch Your Step

Our massive remodeling project began small. Doughboy wanted a pub bar. Period. Like most of our my ideas, this project has evolved into something much grander than a pub bar and is waaaay over budget. 50% more, to be precise. To quote Bob (our pub contractor), "It's only money". He said this each time he increased the size of Doughboy's pub. His words took on new meaning as our project also increased in proportion. This, of course, has negatively impacted the non-existent little amount of hair Doughboy has left on his head.

With the interior project well underway, we moved to the exterior project. Our existing deck was removed today and construction on the new expanded deck will begin Wednesday.

Out with the old...and in with the new. The targeted completion date is mid-June. If weather continues to hold, it may be sooner.

The hardest part is getting our canine children used to going outside through another inconvient door. They're used to having the door open to the deck and wandering in/out to their heart's content. Sorry, pups.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pete's Pub

After another lull period, the terrace level remodel has progressed quickly in the past week. Drywall and plumbing are completed, electrical is in progress, and the tile floor for the pub is being installed Monday.

We drove to Classic Bars in Smyrna today to see Pete's pub and deliver the bar sink. Bob, the owner of Classic Bars, was only too happy to show us the detail and workmanship of our pub. Constructed entirely of solid mahogany and mahogany veneers, there are numerous angles that will fit snugly against the tray ceiling that functions as a concealer for HVAC ducts. The intricate detail of egg and dart moulding is around the inside ceiling and along the bonet; mirrors and glass shelves will be inset within each arched opening when the pub is delivered to our home and installed. The brass foot rail has been attached, and custom bar appliances (two beverage centers, wine cooler, double-drawer dish washer, and ice maker) are at the ready to make the pub fully functional.

Monday the bar will be disassembled and taken into another shop room for the finishing stage: hand-rubbed stain, and multiple sandings and applications of a satin clear coat finish. The pub will be delivered to our home and reassembled in two weeks. At that time appliances will be set in place and plumbing/electrical connected.

Then it's time to fire up blender, sit back, and enjoy a refreshing margarita at our new pub.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Long Awaited Progress

Several weeks passed with little or no progress on the remodel. Work on the remodel has picked up this week and progress is evident. The electrical work, plumbing, and framing is nearly completed. According to the contractor, drywall will be installed tomorrow and we will see significant progress in the next couple days. Pete's Pub will be finished within a week, as well as the 19 foot built-in wall unit. Floor tile and granite was ordered today and wallpaper has begun to show up on our doorstep. At last!