Monday, April 19, 2010

Watch Your Step

Our massive remodeling project began small. Doughboy wanted a pub bar. Period. Like most of our my ideas, this project has evolved into something much grander than a pub bar and is waaaay over budget. 50% more, to be precise. To quote Bob (our pub contractor), "It's only money". He said this each time he increased the size of Doughboy's pub. His words took on new meaning as our project also increased in proportion. This, of course, has negatively impacted the non-existent little amount of hair Doughboy has left on his head.

With the interior project well underway, we moved to the exterior project. Our existing deck was removed today and construction on the new expanded deck will begin Wednesday.

Out with the old...and in with the new. The targeted completion date is mid-June. If weather continues to hold, it may be sooner.

The hardest part is getting our canine children used to going outside through another inconvient door. They're used to having the door open to the deck and wandering in/out to their heart's content. Sorry, pups.


Jamie Payne said...

Weird! I'm excited though for the new deck, gazebo and salt water spa:)

Doughboy said...

Alright Deb.....what did you do with the deck?